Ooh, new books coming my way!
Last week, my very generous and wonderful friend A gave me a Border's gift card that she said she wouldn't use. So, yesterday, I ordered "Fitted Knits" and "No Sheep for You". Very excited about No Sheep, since wool is not something I can wear, and I am still baffled by yarn substitutions. I don't know if it is because it seems like there is math involved (in which case my brain seems to automatically shut down) or if it is something that I will learn with practice. I'm hoping that book will help me unravel some of the mystery. I'm also looking forward to Fitted Knits, even if it only ends up being eye candy. My "knit this" list is too frelling long anyway! Free shipping means that I won't get them until the first or second week of May.
*putting on patience hat*


This is so cool!



More knitting

Last night, I broke into the skein of Cotton Ease (New) yarn that I bought at the under-lit and poorly-staffed Michael's near my house. It knits up nicely, bit bulkier than I was anticipating, but so far I like it. Once I give the sample piece a wash, I'll be able to tell if it is a good candidate for me or not. Hopefully, Lion Brand won't take it off the market again. (hopefully they'll come up with some less yawn-inspiring colours!)
My "knit this" list is growing to ridiculous proportions. It is time to cull.


Knitting Clutch

So, last night I went to my first knit night with the Sweet Stitching Betties. It was really nice; good atmosphere, friendly people, great coffee. I wish that I had brought along something more interesting to knit, though. I brought along Cheetah's scarf, since stockinette is simple, and I could knit whilst listening and chatting. Well about 5 rounds into it, I was already boredy boredy bored bored. Seriously, it made me sleepy.
I haven't even dipped into the yummy new yarns I scored over the weekend. I've got Bamboo, Corn, some lovely cotton/wool, and some cotton/Modal that I bought only one skein each of, to swatch and see what I get as far as gauge. Plus, I bought some single skeins to make hats and pet toys for charity.
Maybe I'll make a list of what I've got, and what I think I want to make with it. Then again, maybe I'll just stuff it all in a bag, and then whine that I don't have anything to knit!


Nothing to see here, move along

What? You thought I was kidding? This is just a test, go away and find something important to do!