Up Close and personal

Okay, not the most clever of post titles, but I am very tired lately and the wit, she has left me. This is my Clapotis in progress. The photo was taken on a rainy day, so you can't really get a feel for how vibrant this yarn is, just trust me. It's really pretty in person and looks fabulous against the red coat I plan to wear with it! (thanks for the coat, Mummy!) Oh! and I just remembered - I have some gorgeous purple gloves that I got in Florence last October!!


So, what did YOU do this weekend?

I've: created some jewelry; tried to comfort The Boy after his very painful mouth surgery; made more pots of soup than I care to think about; wished a cherished friend a happy birthday; busted my ass cleaning for a guest who didn't come; made my first (and hopefully last) batch of ChiliMac; had an absolutely ridiculous conversation; bought books for half price; met a new friend; went to a baseball game where there was rampant public knitting; cooked some more and fell into a heap. I am dog tired, and it's Monday. whee.


Update Type Thingy

An update, this time with pictures!! After the fun with lightning of last week, we took our time hooking everything up again, so I am just getting pics up now. Deal. My hands are very sore, mostly from making stitch markers all day and knitting all night. Apparently, my right wrist doesn't like that.

The Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty is finished and ready to get in a box and be sent to someone...
and so is The Scarf!

And here are some stitch markers that have something to do with someone else's blog...

Yarn Lust (Cross Post)

I'm not usually a sheepy girl. Sensitive skin plus living in the tropics doesn't really equal wool yarn. However, I fell in love with this Jitterbug from Colinette. It's the colour, you see. It isn't reproduced in all of its luscious glory here. It's called Velvet Bilberry, and it is super-dark-almost-black-truly-absolutely Purple. aaaahhhhh

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This Day

This day of the year, I think of my friend Muriel. She passed away three years ago, unexpectedly - despite the fact that she was in her old age. I met her in 1999, in San Diego. She was a fellow artist at the co-op gallery I belonged to. Muriel was one of those amazing elderly ladies that just had so much LIFE in her, it was hard to believe that she was in her 80s. She was also an amazing fiber artist, and could find an artistic use for the stuff that most of us overlook. Like bottle caps and old bricks. She was fun and funny, but wise; when she told a story, you stopped to listen, because you knew you were going to hear something important, maybe even life changing.
On this date in 2001, Muriel's son, Gerald, was killed at the Pentagon.
I don't generally watch 'memorial' or 'anniversary' type television broadcasts, but each year, when all the stations are doing 9/11 memorials, I watch. I watch until I either read or hear Gerald's name.
It's a simple, little thing that I do every year. I do this for my friend Muriel.


Oh, computer, how I missed you

Last week, we got hit by lightning! I don't know if we really did or not, but something in my area did, and it fried my computer's speakers, the ac/dc adaptor on the plug, and the ethernet card and the logic card in the motherboard! That's a whole big bunch of geekery that I don't really understand, but it added up to me not having a computer. Quel horreur! There was updating to be done! Now, to do it in backwards fashion...
*My Mummy is coming to visit me for my birthday!!!
*I started the swatch for my Clapotis, the one that I am making using 500 [turned out to be 750, actually] yards of SWTC's Bamboo. The Swatch has become something else. I'm up to the last repeat of the increase section. Fast knit, and I really like it!
*I have FINISHED The Scarf for Cheetah! It is ready to be wrapped and sent, along with some other giftie type things. I sure hope she likes it! I really like the yarn I used, I am glad that I kept looking for the 'right' stuff.
*Luciano Pavarotti died, taking that magnificent voice with him. The rest is silence, and it is deafening.
*Steve Fossett is missing in Nevada. This breaks my heart at the same time that it makes me very greatful that my father had the time (and inclination) to radio his position when he was going down. If there is a tiny bit of silver lining in this, six other previously uncharted crash sites have been discovered, and will be explored and mapped.
*We had knit night at the Falcon Pub on Labour Day, and there was merriment! There were prizes for telling stories about penii! There was hilarity coming up with Roller Derby Girl names! Best of all, I got to spend time with some fabulous guys and dolls, and have a couple of Strongbow ciders. It was grrrrreat.
*I got to celebrate a whole big bunch of birthdays last month! Happy birthday to The August Betties, Spanko, and (September) Cheryl!!
*I started September by buying yarn! Tell you all about it later, taters!