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I finally wore my Tomato the other night (Tuesday). We went to dinner (Legal Seafoods) and a movie (30 Dayzzzzzzzzz, oh sorry, 30 Days of Night).
The Tomato was declared a success, although I have plans to add a couple inches of ribbing to the bottom. It's snuggly comfy, though, and I like that a lot.



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hiding out in my mother-in-law's Clapotis. too much giggle juice the night before, hence the glasses.


Lament for Icarus, and how time flies

So, today is the 8th anniversary of my father's death. It really does not seem like it was that long ago, and yet it feels like it was a lifetime ago. So many things in my life have changed since then. So many.
Time was, I would curl up and hibernate in October, cursing the month that had once been my favourite of the twelve because of the sadness it brought me in 1999.
Time really does heal. You move forward, you grow or regress, but you change. You become accustomed, you adapt, and the thing that once was the lead shoe you wore becomes just another part of your history.


Very quickly now...

We're on our way out the door to do boring errands.
Here's what I've been up to lately: I read Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Water for Elphants and re-started Dust. I knit a hat for a woman who has cancer, and am knitting her another. I watched Pushing Daisies and loved it even more; Desperate Housewives and decided that I'm done with it. I went out with friends for lunch and yarn shopping yesterday and picked up some yarn for gift knitting.
More later, errands must get done, before i completely lose interest!!


I'm a hep cat, daddy-o

It's a flashback to the late fifties kind of night here at Wits' End. I'm listening to Chris Isaak and Tom Jones, drinking a banana daiquiri, and The Intrepid Husband is fixing meatloaf and tater tots for dinner. Maybe later, we'll play pinochle. Although I would rather go bowling, personally.
All of this could have been sparked by this book I picked up a couple of weekends ago. I'm making some stuff from the book for some people. Can I vague that up for you? You know, gift things best kept Secret.


trying out button placement

The finished Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono. In Lily Peaches and Cream "butter cream ombre" 100% cotton yarn. 2 skeins. size 7 needles.

I am trying out the button placement, and deciding if I want one button, two buttons, four buttons or ties. What do you think?


Where "Bright" goes to relax and be itself

my finished Clapotis, the coat that is the perfect backdrop, and those fabulous gloves.

The Clapotis was knit by me using SouthWest Trading Company's Bamboo