Thank You

More updating to be done. But first, I must say thank you again. This is a small part of the bounty that was gifted to me this birthday.
Knitpicks Harmony needles! Boots made of sex! Febreeze! (what? you have your thing, i have mine)

And then, later, there was even MORE:

Pamplemouse Rose!! (my favourite soap!) Coffee bean bead stitch markers! Velvet jeans!
I feel, and am, SPOILT.

Thanks again Mummy, Scott, Chris, Annie, Judith, Skully, Andrea and Charlie and everyone who took some time out of their lives to wish me a happy birthday. I really, really appreciate it.


November Spawned a Monster

So, time for a big update.
My mother came to visit me for my birthday, and we got up to all kinds of hijinx. (some words are just more fun than others)
We kicked off her visit by going with some friends to The Cheesecake Factory (I'm sadly addicted to the Kobe beef burgers there) and then to see
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D! It was awesome; pumpkins flying over our heads, and all kinds of fun. We enjoyed it very much.
Hallowe'en night we went to Grumpy Dick's and had crab legs: one pound for ten bucks. Can't beat that! Yummy.
On my birthday we went to Hosteria Romana and ate like goats. Seriously, at one point I felt like if they put a piece of paper or a tin can in front of me, I would have eaten it! We ate, drank, and made very, very merry.
(At this point in my story, if you're getting the impression that I eat a lot, and that my mother's visits with me revolve around food, you wouldn't be wrong).

Let me stop here and say that I was gifted like whoa for my birthday, and I want to thank everyone. My mother, husband, friends, and bestest friend were all very generous with me, and I am a lucky girl. Thank you.
Saturday, we had hangovers.
I don't remember Sunday, there might have been shopping.
ETA: my mum informs me that we went to the Jazz On the River thing in Ft.Lauderdale. Of course we did! It was a beautiful day, and we saw a huge Harlequin Great Dane (which always makes my mother smile) and we ate (gasp!) a really nice crepe from a food stand. The music was good too, but the people watching was stellar!
So, what else? Yeah, I took my mother with me to knitting with the Betties on Monday night! She and Barb sat on the sofa together, making comments and laughing. It was great! I was happy that my mum could meet all of these great ladies I'm always on about. Oh! Plus, we got to show the group Phentex. Scary shit.
Speaking of scary shit, when we got home, Intrepid Biscuit told us that our former next door neighbour in St.Louis was being searched for by police in connection with a rape and murder . Charming. So much I could say about this guy, but as this is a public forum, I will refrain. Draw your own conclusions.
There is so much more to tell you, and so many more links to add! but this girl is sleepy, so that's all you get for now.

be patient.


My brain hurts!

Oh, I know, I know! I need to update! So much to tell you, so much going on...

Here are some tidbits:
Went to see Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D!!
My former next-door-neighbour has been arrested for rape and murder. eeeep.

K, bye. More later-like.