Happy Sweeney one and all!

A bunch of us went to see Sweeney Todd today, and then went back to my house for...what else? PIES!!! Pies, and GingerDead men, and cider and ale and, and, and.

A wonderful time was had by all. And hardly anyone had their throats slit.




I've been spending a large part of each day making things. How I love to make things! Some of the things have been knitted, some have been sewn, but mostly I've been making jewelry and stitch markers. Whoa boy, have I got stitch markers!

So many exciting things are in the works!
Tonight is the Secret Santa exchange with the Betties, which should be a lot of fun. Honestly in the giddiness of putting together my gift for ...., I forgot that someone is doing the same for me! I hope my giftee likes what I put together for her.
Our Bloody Sweeney Christmas plans are at a stand still since I still don't know when the dratted movie is playing. But we'll carry on regardless. Meat pies all 'round! Extra heart for me, please!
My very bestest friend, and her wonderful man are coming for New Year's Eve! Such fun, I cannot wait!! We had a blast last year, and I am sure that this year will be just as crazy. If you have any tips for visitors to where I live, let me know. We're always interested in trying something new. Last year, we went on the airboats through the Everglades, and we went on a glass-bottomed boat in the Keys.
The niece-to-be continues to grow at a healthy clip, and her birthday is impending. Her head's dropped, and it sounds like things are ready to roll.
The waiting continues...


Yes, I Still Do

Fifteen years ago, The Biscuit and I drove to San Rafael to go to the court house and get married.

He took half a day off work, and I wore a pair of gold shoes.


Farewell, Sweet Nero

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My mother's cat, Nero, had to be put down today. He had FIP and it caught up with him finally. It has been a struggle for both my mum and Nero for the past couple of weeks.
He really was the sweetest cat. My mother spent a very long time coaxing him into her house (he was a neighborhood stray), and once he finally trusted her, I don't think he could have imagined a better life than the one she gave him.
Mummy, I know you will miss your little black-furred friend. Take a little comfort in knowing that you gave him a marvelous life, and a peaceful death; we should all be so lucky.