Time is the Concord

Seriously, where in the flippity-gibbet is time going?? My last post was a month ago? More? Feels like days, honestly.

Well, pub quiz on the 20th went fairly well - we came in 3rd and we won a round of drinks (as if we needed them!) thanks to Skully's mad librarian statistical skillz!
Do you know what the "E" in "EPCOT" stands for? We sure didn't!!

Sales over at the Velvet Hippo are moving apace. Maybe I'll donate to my favourite political candidate with some of the windfall!
Speaking of donating, I'm giving 25% of the purchase price of anything pink bought at Velvet Hippo to Susan G.Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

He doesn't like it when I post too many details about him, so I will just say that The Biscuit is reaching his last few days in the Coast Guard. The day of his retirement is set and is imminent! Wow.

Today is my brother John's birthday. Hope it is a good one for him, and that he gets my birthday wishes. One of these days, I will actually be able to talk to a real live person; his work schedule is my sleep schedule, and there is a little person in his house, so knowing when to call gets tricky. Plus, the time difference, forgot about that.

Well, that's what little is on my mind today...

Oh, the E? Experimental.


Q is for Sticky Bitches

Do you know what the Q, as in James Bond's Q, stands for? If so, you should have been on our pub quiz team last night!

In spite of my very sketchy knowledge of state capitals and world capitals (I only THINK I know), our team - which kept getting mis-named as "the sweating betties", "the sticky bitches", "the stinking betties" and "sweaty bitches" - managed to pull off a fourth place! Not too shabby! Thanks to Skully's and The Biscuit's mind-blowing grasp of all things superhero, we beat out nine other teams. One of them was quite put out by it, too. ha ha

I think our team name should be The Sweaty Betties or Exactly Your Brand of Heroin. Plus One, of course!

Here are some of the answers we missed:
Roger Federer
Joe Jonas
Boston (I have shame about this one. Deep shame)
Back to the Future
Nelson Mandela
and the answer to the question I posed at the start of this post? Quartermaster.


Bad Blogger! No Cake!

Yes, it has been awfully quiet over here lately, hasn't it? Want to know what I've been doing?? Well...

I started driving again after a 6 year break
My mother came to visit
I opened an Etsy shop! www.velvethippo.etsy.com
My husband retired from the Coast Guard after 25 years of service
I started my very first stitch marker Club...and it is a success!
I went to see Elvis Costello and The Police in concert
I went to hear Barack Obama speak
I realized I've got some pretty awesome friends in all sorts of places
I went to see The Cure in concert twenty years on, and still love them
I knit in public with some awesome people and some great dogs

No pictures of any of it. I'm very, very naughty. But at least I've updated!




These are the projects I am working on:
Another Tomato tee, this one in bright purple.
The Central Park Hoodie, in black Cotton-Ease.
An incredibly tacky fuzzy pink sweater with skulls and tattoo-like stuff on the arms.
A sooper sekrit present for a swap partner.
Coordinating a charity blanket project that is just sailing along...so happy about that one. Lots of great people are participating.
There will be photos, eventually, honest.


la la la

la la la
Wow, I love fog.



Can you believe this is real? This was the view from our hotel room in Siena, Italy. Kind of messes up your mind, doesn't it?



We're off to Italy! See you later!!


Got My Hairs Cut

Yay! I love a new 'do!



Welcome to the World

Miss Mara has made her entrance! I'd love to show you pictures, but as her parents are a little busy at the moment, I don't have any yet. Here are the details:
Mara Jade
January 7, 2008, 8:55p.m.
7 lbs., 12 oz.
20.5 inches long
Healthy, happy and hungry.

This tree, which lives in Tower Grove Park in St.Louis, MO, has nothing to do with Mara. It's just pretty to look at.


Snappy Gnu Ears!

I'm still here!

Wow, have things been crazy here at Wits' End! Parties, and visitors, and games galore. We've been having a blast, and eating everything in sight, and staying up late and waking up late.
Oh, and shopping. Shoes, makeup, clothes, pots & pans, linens and dishes...shop shop shop! Cheetah bought like seventy pair of shoes! Not really, but that is just because the store didn't have every style in our size. I forgot to take pictures (Bad Blogger, no treats!) so sad, too bad. We had a lovely outing to Sephora (boys went to the Apple Store), which yielded goodies galore and was so girly and fun.

Who else thought that we could have had snow on Wednesday? brrr. I even got to wear a coat. Yay! My freakish northern DNA makes me happy when it is cold outside, what can I say?

Last night, we ate at Chima Brazilian steakhouse (meat on swords, yum). It was very good, we all really enjoyed ourselves. Moo.

Now, the house is quiet. Lulu and the Biscuit have gone back to sleep, and I am going to go for a ride on my bici. Later, Taters