Snappy Gnu Ears!

I'm still here!

Wow, have things been crazy here at Wits' End! Parties, and visitors, and games galore. We've been having a blast, and eating everything in sight, and staying up late and waking up late.
Oh, and shopping. Shoes, makeup, clothes, pots & pans, linens and dishes...shop shop shop! Cheetah bought like seventy pair of shoes! Not really, but that is just because the store didn't have every style in our size. I forgot to take pictures (Bad Blogger, no treats!) so sad, too bad. We had a lovely outing to Sephora (boys went to the Apple Store), which yielded goodies galore and was so girly and fun.

Who else thought that we could have had snow on Wednesday? brrr. I even got to wear a coat. Yay! My freakish northern DNA makes me happy when it is cold outside, what can I say?

Last night, we ate at Chima Brazilian steakhouse (meat on swords, yum). It was very good, we all really enjoyed ourselves. Moo.

Now, the house is quiet. Lulu and the Biscuit have gone back to sleep, and I am going to go for a ride on my bici. Later, Taters

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Carol said...

Hey girl! Didn't know you got all that shopping in. sit next to me next week!