Time is the Concord

Seriously, where in the flippity-gibbet is time going?? My last post was a month ago? More? Feels like days, honestly.

Well, pub quiz on the 20th went fairly well - we came in 3rd and we won a round of drinks (as if we needed them!) thanks to Skully's mad librarian statistical skillz!
Do you know what the "E" in "EPCOT" stands for? We sure didn't!!

Sales over at the Velvet Hippo are moving apace. Maybe I'll donate to my favourite political candidate with some of the windfall!
Speaking of donating, I'm giving 25% of the purchase price of anything pink bought at Velvet Hippo to Susan G.Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

He doesn't like it when I post too many details about him, so I will just say that The Biscuit is reaching his last few days in the Coast Guard. The day of his retirement is set and is imminent! Wow.

Today is my brother John's birthday. Hope it is a good one for him, and that he gets my birthday wishes. One of these days, I will actually be able to talk to a real live person; his work schedule is my sleep schedule, and there is a little person in his house, so knowing when to call gets tricky. Plus, the time difference, forgot about that.

Well, that's what little is on my mind today...

Oh, the E? Experimental.