What's New?

She's new! 
Her name is Za-Za, and we adopted her on MLK weekend, one day shy of the one year anniversary of our Lulu's passing.  We were lucky to be chosen as her guardians by Florida Chinese Shar Pei Rescue, where she was named Emily.
We think she's about 3; she's a goofy tomboy who is learning to love and trust.  We're working on her manners and trying to teach her that "walk" means just that and not "drag".  She does like to pull!

This house is new!
New to us, anyway.  We moved to a new home in September.  It has a fantastic yard with fruit trees and an herb bed and a swimming pool!  I'm in the pool every day and I just love it. 
We have renovation plans that we'll get to over time; right now the house is fine the way it is, perfectly fine.  We're enjoying the covered patio and we've had a few pool parties and have plans for many more. 

This past week I mostly worked and looked after the dog.  She spiked a really high fever (106) on Friday and spent the night in the hospital.   We spent the weekend looking after her and getting her back in fighting form.
I've been mostly knitting on my Amy Pond's Red Scarf, or the Vampires in Venice scarf.  It is large, red and it is the frost flowers stitch pattern, I believe.  It's a long-term project.
I'm reading a free nook book that I can't remember the name of!  I also started listening to the audio book of Hurricane Punch and it was so bad, I abandoned it on chapter 10.
I'm listening to podcasts and The Black Keys
I am currently getting ready for a busy week of work
I'm mostly looking forward to our next chance to have friends over for a dip
This weekend I watched racing ALL DAY on Sunday.  Congratulations to Dario Francitti on his 3rd Indianapolis 500 win!